Microsoft Will Remove A Game Based On Logan Paul’s Video Scandal On Xbox Store

Following the Logan Paul’s video scandal during the vacation trip in Japan, a new game based on the disgraced event surfaced in creator’s collection of the Xbox Store where it immediately received lots of negative feedback from fans all over the world.

Paul made a global headline when he uploaded a video of a partially-censored body of a suicide victim in Aokigahara Forest in Japan. Aokigahara Forest is known as a suicide forest in the country and many Japanese respects the area.

The new game titled “The Suicide Forest” is a Logan Paul-themed parody game for the video. The game was included in the Xbox Live Creators Collection, where the featured games were not fully-certified by Microsoft or there is no approval coming from Microsoft.

The game was found at the top game list of the Creators Collections. Bearskopff, TT Games Community Manager, said that the game was trending on the store that it even managed to climb on the top spot.

Just a few hours after the report, Microsoft quickly made a response saying that they will remove the game from Xbox Marketplace as soon as possible.

According to the Microsoft spokesman, “This content violates our Store policies and we’re in the process of removing it,” He later then added, “Users can report inappropriate content on the game product page or by sending a report directly to [email protected]


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