Mieruko-chan Episode 13 Release Date and Time Clarification Update

The Mieruko-chan Episode 13 release date and time are yet to be announced. For those who are not aware, the first season of Mieruko-chan consists of a total of 12 episodes. With the 12th episode released today, it only means that there will be no new Mieruko-chan episodes in the following weeks. So, when will Mieruko-chan Episode 13 be released?

When is the Mieruko-chan Episode 13 release date?

As we have mentioned earlier, the first season of Mieruko-chan has already ended. The 13th episode of the anime series still doesn’t have a release date as of the moment.

The release schedule for Mieruku-chan Episode 13 will be decided as soon as the officials have decided to renew the anime series for its second season.

What is the Mieruko-chan Episode 13 release time?

Again, until there is no announcement for the renewal of the Mieruko-chan anime franchise, we can’t give you any accurate details of the schedule for the release time of the next episode.

Is Mieruko-chan Season 2 announced?

As of the moment, there is no announcement or any news related to the renewal of the Mieruko-chan anime. However, we will give you another update as soon as the staff of the anime releases a new update for the anime.

In the meantime, feel free to leave your review or feedback on the past season of Mieruko-chan anime.

Where to watch Mieruko-chan Episode 13?

Mieruko-chan Episode 13 is not yet available. However, you can stream the first season of the Mieruko-chan anime on Funimation. All 12 episodes of Mieruko-chan are available in the Japanese language. However, Funimation is offering several subtitles, including English. As for the English dub, the first episode of the anime is already dubbed in English. Expect to see more English dubbed versions of Mieruko-chan in the next few weeks.

Apart from Funimation, you can also watch Mieruko-chan Season 1 on YouTube for free. As of writing, all 12 episodes of the anime are available on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel. Be reminded that Muse Asia is only available in several Asian countries.

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