Mistover Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how to get all achievements in Mistover. For 100% achievement hunters out there, you surely don’t want to miss the achievements available in Mistover.


Mistover Achievement Guide

Monster Kill achievements

Vigilantes of the Misty Forest – You’ve eradicated 100 monsters in the Misty Forest.

  • Simply kill 100 monsters in 3 of Misty Forest areas

Guardian of the Cathedral – You’ve eradicated 150 monsters in the Cathedral Ruins.

  • Same as Vigilantes of the Misty Forest but in Cathedral Ruins areas.

Purifier of the Cursed Town – You’ve eradicated 200 monsters in the Cursed Town.

  • Same as Vigilantes of the Misty Forest but in Cursed Town areas.

Warden of the Frozen Mountains – You’ve eradicated 250 monsters in the Frozen Mountains.

  • Same as Vigilantes of the Misty Forest but in Frozen Mountains areas.

Savior of the Sleeping Lake – You’ve eradicated 100 monsters in the Sleeping Lake.

  • Same as Vigilantes of the Misty Forest but in Sleeping Lake areas. Make sure to not touch the boss and just exit through the portal or run away from the expedition.

Dungeon Slayer – You’ve eradicated 2000 monsters.

  • Get it after killing 2000 monsters in all areas.

Boss Achievements

Eliminated the Great Worm – You’ve eliminated the Great Worm, the boss of the Misty Forest.

  • Get it after killing the first boss in third Misty Forest area

Eliminated the Goddess of Wealth – You’ve eliminated the Goddess of Wealth, the boss of the Cathedral Ruins.

  • Get it after killing the second boss in the third Cathedral Ruins area.

Eliminated the Hive Mind – You’ve eliminated the Hive Mind, the boss of the Cursed Town.

  • Get it after killing the third boss in third Cursed Town area.

Eliminated the Elder Emperor – You’ve eliminated the Elder Emperor, the boss of the Frozen Mountains.

  • Get it after killing the fourth boss in the third Frozen Mountains area.

Eliminated the Great One – You’ve eliminated the Great One, the boss of the Sleeping Lake.

  • Get it after killing the fifth and final boss in Sleeping Lake area. This ends playthrough.

Death Achievements

Precious Light – 1 Corps Crew member has died touching a Light Flower.”

  • Get at least one party member to die from touching the light flower. “Turned off” Light Flowers require hp to be spent to activate it.

Strong Obstacles – 1 Corps Crew member has died destroying an obstacle.”

  • Obstacle destruction hurts unless done with Paladin skill, so having one from party die to it would grant the achieve.

If There Was Only A Little More Food… – 1 Corps Crew member has died of starvation.”

  • After Fullness meter reaches zero, hp starts to drop from hunger with each step you take, so make sure one of your party dies from that, you could just walk around to get that done.

Battles Are Always Dangerous – 1 Corps Crew member has died in battle with a monster.”

  • Have someone die in battle – make sure that either limbo was turned off or that member was hit after getting into limbo, to have a final death.

Needed Blood Transfusion – 1 Corps Crew member has died from Bleeding.”

  • Ugh, that one was a bit annoying – lower hp with hunger and try to find the bleed trap, they normally would put 20 turns debuff on character, damage of which depends on hp of characters. It is safer to turn off hp regeneration and lower hp of the party to 15-20. Not sure that getting bleed in battle and leaving it with debuff sill active would work.

Be Wary of Traps – 1 Corps Crew member has died running into a trap.”

  • There are different types of traps, some would put a bleed on you, some could directly deal dmg, so rely on your luck. Turning number of traps to max would help too.

Can You Carry On? – The Expedition Corps has been annihilated.”

  • Not necessary to go to the expedition with a full party, if you send one person and it died, that would count.

Character Skill Achievements

Expedition Corps Camaraderie – You’ve used Co-op skills 1000 times.”

  • Well, that one might take a while. You can use co-op skill only once per turn, no matter how many characters have it in your party. If you are at last boss and still does not have 1000, better turn number of monsters to the max, their hp to lowest and dmg to highest. It would also save time to get a character with good AOE co-op skill, speed and hit rates so that you could start the battle, have your character go first, one-shot everything with co-op skill.

Useful Expedition Skills – You’ve used each of the 8 occupational expedition skills at least once.”

  • You need to use expedition skill of every character at least once, that’s all.

Long Distance Record – You’ve used a Ronin’s expedition skill to move 15 spaces or more at once.”

  • Just find long path free of obstacles and use samurai skill to travel the whole distance.

The More, The Merrier – You’ve crushed 3 obstacles at once with a Paladin.”

  • That one needs some luck to have 3 obstacles in 9 square radius than stand in the centre and use Paladin skill to demolish all 3 at once.

Town Achievements

Welcome – You’ve arrived at Town.

  • Get it after getting in town, so as soon as you complete or skip turorial battle.

Déjà Vu – You’ve arrived at Town in a new playthrough (Round 2).

  • Same as Welcome, but in New game+.

First Request – You’ve received your first request.

  • The first quest is taken as soon as you arrive in town after game start in Office

Reliable Companion – You’ve completed 30 requests.

  • Just finish the game, that would be 30 requests.

Inevitable Farewell – You’ve dismissed a Corps Crew Member for the first time

  • You recruit or dismiss members in Expedition Center, so getting rid of one would net you this achievement.

Various Occupations – You’ve recruited each of the Corps Crew’s 8 occupations at least once.

  • Just recruit one of each 8 occupations once in Expedition Center, as recruit cost increases based on the level of members available, you could decide to get cheap LVL 1 before upgrading recruitment or wait till late game, when you are swimming in gold and price would not matter.

Relief for the Unemployed – You’ve recruited 25 members of the Corps Crew.

  • Pretty simple, hire 25 adventurers, that’s all.

All Grown Up – You’ve raised 1 Corps Crew member to level 20.

20 is the max level, and I was not able to hit it till the last boss, so had to grind a bit before finishing the game.

Strength in Numbers – You’ve raised 5 Corps Crew members to level 20.

  • Same as All Grown Up, but for 5 adventurers.

Power of Training – You’ve leveled up 4 skills of 1 Crew Member to Level 5.

  • You train or learn the skill in Training Camp. With each level, your characters get SP – skill points, that could be spent on leveling their skills. It also costs an increasing amount of gold to learn higher skill level. 5 is the max level for skill, I got it from Sister, as other classes in my party did not actually have 5 skills that I use very often.

Equipment Collector – You’ve acquired 500 pieces of equipment.

  • Only armor, weapons and jewellery count toward this, you do not need to keep it in storage, so selling or disassembling them is fine.

Hidden Ability – You’ve evaluated equipment 50 times.

Blue and Purple equipment have hidden attributes, so you could evaluate items to reveal them in Alchemy Workshop. Each zone – Forest, Cathedral, etc. has its own equip and required items to spend evaluating it.

Power of Fused Equipment – You’ve Fused equipment 50 times.

Each piece of equipment could be fused to increase its stats using your other equipment of same class – armor with armor, weapons with weapons, jewellery with jewellery. White gear 3 times, Blue 6, Purple 9 and cursed relic up to 12. You only get an increase in one attribute, so if you have weapon fusion with hit and crit, it may give you either dmg or hit to crit.

Gratitude of the Support Lab – You’ve reached Level 5 in one field of research.

  • You can research things like increased exp gain or gold drop-in Support Lab using books that are found in chests, debris, rewards from requests or looted from enemies. Each field needs its own specific type of books, level 5 is the maximum level of research.

A Year Has Passed – 52 weeks have gone by.

  • Each time you properly finish expedition – one week passes. If you run away from expedition it would not count, so only exiting through exit portal works. DLC expeditions count too. The number of weeks could be seen in the main menu when choosing “Load”.

Temptation of Wealth – You’ve acquired 100000 gold.

  • Don’t need to hold whole 100 000, it counts all you earned through your playthrough.

Expedition Achievements

First Dungeon – Your first dungeon entry.

  • Right after the start of the game, in town, you get a quest to go on an expedition to the dungeon

First Victory – You’ve won your first battle.

  • Win any confrontation on the expedition.

First Return – You’ve successfully completed 1 expedition.

  • Properly finish expedition by using exit portal and you would get the achieve.

Repeated Journey – You’ve successfully completed 30 expeditions.

  • Same as First Return, finish 30 expeditions. It would most likely be done without any effort by going through the game, since the reward for expedition gold chests changes every time, visiting same areas several times is normal, also some requests would send you to same locations.

Wise Choice – You’ve escaped an expedition.

  • Using “Run away” option in-game menu would allow you to leave expedition without exit portal, but some items would be lost and consumables spoiled.

Eat It Anyway – You’ve experienced temporary side effects from using a contaminated item.

  • When you eat any spoiled (contaminates) item, high chance you would get some side effect, mostly detrimental, like bleeding. Getting any would net you the achieve.

Light Excursion – You’ve walked 1000 steps.

  • That one is easy to get, if you properly go through the expedition, even small maps would give you more than 200 steps.

Marathon Course – You’ve walked 42195 steps.

  • Well, that one was a slog… even after finishing everything else, I was still around 10k, so had to run into a wall for several hours. A number of steps taken for each expedition are seen at expedition completion screen and the total number for playthrough at “Records” option in-game menu. Even if you run away from expedition, steps taken during it would still count.

No Shame in Escape – You’ve run away from a battle.

  • During the battle, you could choose the option to run, instead of any other action for your characters. Even one of them succeeding would retreat the whole party. Moster you run away from would not chase you for a couple of turns.

Popular Expedition Corps – You’ve witnessed 5 monsters simultaneously while exploring.

  • That one depends on luck, but for higher chances, turn a number of monsters to the max and make sure you have enough luminosity for maximum visibility.

Stuck in Limbo – You’ve won a battle with 1 Crew Member in Limbo.

  • You need to have Limbo turned on in gameplay settings first of all. That means after any of your party members receives fatal damage, they stay alive, but weakened, if not healed in next 3 turns or getting hit one more time, they would be gone for good.

Gift of the Dead – You’ve acquired 1 relic piece.

  • If anyone in your party gets dead with some gear on, those items would turn into cursed relics after you successfully finish the expedition. Relics get an increased amount of fusions but give detrimental traits to anyone wearing them.

Treasure Hunter – You’ve opened 100 treasure chests.

  • That would come naturally, just keep playing and looting chests.

Indomitable Will – You’ve been engaged by monsters 5 times in succession.

  • Get monsters to attack you instead of hitting them first and initiate battle. No need to have them do it one after another in next 5 turns, it would be enough to get attacked 5 times in the row without initiating battle yourself.

Junkman – You’ve gone through 300 piles of Debris.

  • Just keep looking through debris that is marked as bags on the map. To get it faster, you could turn debris number to the max in the gameplay menu.

Life Saver – You’ve rescued 10 members of the Corps Crew.

  • Sometimes while on expeditions you would find adventurers being cornered by monsters. Killing monster and touching adventurer would rescue him and he would be available for recruitment in Expedition Center.

Afraid of the Dark – You’ve activated 100 Light Flowers.

  • Only “bloody” Light flowers count, ones that require party hp to activate. You could see them as greyed out flowers on map.

Pacifist – You’ve opened all the treasure chests during an expedition, but did not kill any monsters and escaped through the Exit

  • If you are having troubles with this, turn number of monsters to a minimum in Gameplay Menu open all treasure chests and get out of dungeon via exit portal.

Escapee – You’ve escaped from a monster’s pursuit 100 times by hiding in a bush.

  • You could keep doing that with the same monster by going in and out of the bush. Each time monster gets question mark when you get into the bush would count.

Ending Achievements

Junior – You’ve completed the game on Easy.

  • Finish the game on Easy, that’s all. Game difficulty cannot be changed after the start, even in new game+. Using sliders in the Gameplay menu to increase/decrease the number of monsters etc. does not change the difficulty.

Senior – You’ve completed the game on Normal.

  • Same as Junior, but on Normal.

Master – You’ve completed the game on Hard.

  • Same as Junior, but on Hard.

End of the World – Finished game with Bad Ending.

  • There is a Doomsday Clock, that would trigger bad ending as soon as its hands reach midnight. Not clearing dungeon fully – all chests and monsters, running away, venturing in low-level areas, firing or letting your Corps members die would move the clock closer to midnight. Doing the opposite gives more time.

An Unfinished Dream – Finished game with Normal Ending.

  • Get it after finishing the game by killing The Great One in Sleeping Lake, no matter the difficulty.

God Slaughter – Finished game with True Ending.

  • Get it after finishing the game by killing The Great One in Sleeping Lake in New Game+.

Master Over – All Achievements completed.

  • Obtained after getting every other achievement.

Dr. Faust’s Otherworldly Adventure DLC Achievements

Safely Completed an Unexpected Vacation – You cleared the Wandering Dr. Faust’s Forest 1 time.

  • Get it after beating Faust boss in the DLC Wandering Dr. Faust’s Forest area.

New Face – You defeated 100 post-op Followers.

  • In Wandering Dr. Faust’s Forest area most monsters are post-op Followers, just normal Cultist from first game areas with paper bags on their head. To get achievement, killing 100 is enough.

Go That Way, Please – You succeeded at forcing Faust to move more than 5 times.

  • Get it after pushing Faust boss with a skill that forcefully moves enemy, like paladins Shield Bash. Actually obtained this one myself after missing several times or having boss resist force move and actually successfully making him take a step only once.

Anything But That – You blocked Faust from using Stimulating Fists of Annihilation and won the battle.

  • Faust would gain energy after each turn, and after getting 4 points, on 5th turn it would do a Stimulating Fists of Annihilation (Kancho) attach. You need to make sure boss never uses it till his death either by zerging him or relying on gods of random for Faust to use his other skill, that consumes energy, giving you a bit more time.

Real Angel – Faust chose the cup containing an angel while using his skill, Stimulating Fists of Annihilation.

  • Faust would gain energy after each turn, and after getting 4 points, on 5th turn it would do a Stimulating Fists of Annihilation (Kancho) attach. When Faust uses Stimulating Fists of Annihilation, he spins 4 cups, one of which has angel, that stuns boss for one turn, you need to choose that cup.

Refreshing Stimulus – Sister was hit by Stimulating Fists of Annihilation 1 time.

  • As mentioned in Anything But That, Faust would gain energy after each turn, and after getting 4 points, on 5th turn it would do a Stimulating Fists of Annihilation (Kancho) attach. When Faust uses Stimulating Fists of Annihilation, he spins 4 cups, one of which has angel, while other 3 have deaths – being hit by any of deaths would grant you this achievement. To increase chances you could get several characters of the same class and cast smth like Sisters’ Masochistic skill that heightens the possibility of them being attacked.

No Problem – Shadow Blade was hit by Stimulating Fists of Annihilation 1 time.

  • Same as Refreshing Stimulus but with Shadow Blade.

I Failed to Protect Myself… – Paladin was hit by Stimulating Fists of Annihilation 1 time.

  • Same as Refreshing Stimulus but with Paladin.

Ahem Ahem! – Ronin was hit by Stimulating Fists of Annihilation 1 time.

  • Same as Refreshing Stimulus but with Ronin.

Oh, You’re Too Much – Witch was hit by Stimulating Fists of Annihilation 1 time.

  • Same as Refreshing Stimulus but with Witch.

Another Way to the Netherworld – Grim Reaper was hit by Stimulating Fists of Annihilation 1 time.

  • Same as Refreshing Stimulus but with Grim Reaper.

Awoo-oof! – Werewolf was hit by Stimulating Fists of Annihilation 1 time.

  • Same as Refreshing Stimulus but with Werewolf.

Going Against Nature – Onmyouji was hit by Stimulating Fists of Annihilation 1 time.

  • Same as Refreshing Stimulus but with Onmyouji.

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