Mod Turns GameCube Into a Gaming PC

Behold, we are facing a change that may surprise many people. A Reddit user known as Cityle shared some images of his most recent project, which involved turning the GameCube into a gaming PC.

According to the information released, the old console had its internal parts removed to accommodate an Asus PN50 Mini PC motherboard, a Ryzen 5 4500U processor, a GeForce GTX 1650 video card, 16 GB DDR HyperX RAM, and a 2TB SSD Samsung 860 QVO.

It is worth mentioning that the disc compartment has been removed and the cover opens so that the video card can receive a little more ventilation, and you can check the results of this work in the following gallery.

GameCube PC

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By Earl Stewart

Earl is one of those gamers who will play almost any new games. But he more prefers playing FPS and open world games.