Monster Hunter Film Star Milla Jovovich Shares Behind The Scenes Photo

Following the recent photo that was shared by Diego Boneta from the Monster Hunter film, co-star Milla Jovovich also shared a behind-the-scenes photo of her on social media.

Milla Jovovich will be playing the role of Captain Natalie Artemis in Monster Hunter film. Jovovich uploaded a photo of herself wearing the slinger weapon on her arm. “Captain Natalie Artemis. Ranger. Monster Hunter. Just a little peek for all the @monsterhunterworld fans out there who were worried the other day.” Jovovich captioned.

Interestingly, it seems like she acknowledged the disappointment felt by Monster Hunter fans when co-star Diego Boneta shared a picture of him holding a riffle. While no other details were shared on Boneta’s post, fans are speculating that the picture was from the set of Monster Hunter film. And from there, negative feedback about the Monster Hunter movie production started.

Milla Jovovich Wearing Slinger
Milla Jovovich Wearing Slinger

“Here is Captain Artemis wearing a “slinger” on her arm. I will also post a pic at some point of some of the incredible MH weapons we’ve recreated for the film.” Jovovich said to ease the frustrations felt by many fans.

In Monster Hunter World, slinger is a standard weapon for hunters that can be used to create noise and caught the attention of a monster or to grapple onto large trees to swing and move faster from place to place. No other Monster Hunter weapons have been shared yet, but it’s good to see that the slinger will be available in the movie.

Milla Jovovich reunites with director Paul W.S. Anderson who also directed the Resident Evil movies. Along with them are Diego Boneta, Ron Perlman, Tony Jaa, Meagan Good, and TI Harris.