Monster Hunter: World Guide: How and Where to Find the Plunderblade

There are lots of great armor and weapon in Monster Hunter World, however, there are some weapons that are specialized to gather some rare materials that you can use in crafting. One of them is the great Palico gadget that will surely help you collect rare materials like Anjanath fangs.

How and Where to Find the Plunderblade?

Below are the few steps that you need to do to find the Plunderblade.

  1. Move to area 13 of the Rotten Vale and talk to the Lynian Researcher
  2. Wait around the area until an Odogaron drag a carcass into the chamber
  3. You have two option here – defeat the Odogaron or wait until it leaves
  4. Wait for the “Plunderer” Grimalkyne cat to check the carcass, then quickly run over it
  5. Track down the Grimalkyne by following your scoutflies
  6. Once you spot it, it will quickly run and hide
  7. Drop a raw meat on the floor and move a distance
  8. Wait until the Grimalkyne eat the raw meat that you dropped earlier
  9. Once finished, it will give you the Pluderblade

What is Pluderablade and What does it do?

The Plunderblade replaces your Vigorwasp Spray Palico gadget. When equipped, your palico will tear off some parts of the monster that you are fighting during the hunt. With this gadget, farming boss items will be much easier. Now, all you have to worry is fighting the monster and receive the reward once you killed it.

In addition, you can also equip Plunderblade during the capture Investigation quests. With the help of this gadget, you will maximize the number of loots from monsters during the battle.

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