Monster Hunter World Autumn Harvest Event PC

Monster Hunter: World’s Autumn Harvest Event Is Now Available On PC

Capcom has finally released Monster Hunter: World’s Autumn Harvest event on PC featuring spooky Jack ‘O Lanterns and costumes.

While players on consoles are already done with the event, PC players are excited to start this Autumn Harvest event. Just as scheduled, right after the Autumn event ended on consoles, it will kick off on the PC version. Similar to the event in consoles, Autumn Harvest on PC will also be limited.

Monster Hunter: World Autumn Event Features

During the event, players who just logged in will receive two Lucky Vouchers, which can be used to double your Zenny rewards. Players will also receive an Autumn Harvest Ticket, which players can collect and use them to craft the exclusive event armor, the Harvest Set.

Monster Hunter World Autumn Harvest Event PC
Monster Hunter World Autumn Harvest Event PC

In addition, there will be a limited bounty and hunts during the event. Completing this quests will get you an Autumn Harvest Ticket.

And for the main highlight of this event, players will be able to hunt down a Spooky High-Rank Diablos. Before you embark the hunt, make sure to bring a lot of healing potions and don’t forget to break its horn using a hammer.

Monster Hunter: World Autumn Harvest Event on PC will be available from October 5 to October 18.

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