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My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Spoilers, Release Date: Lady Nagant’s Fate

Mangaka Kohei Horikoshi has dropped the newest manga chapter for the My Hero Academia series. Chapter 315 features the outcome of the fight between Lady Nagant and Izuku Midoriya.

The new Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 315 starts with a short flashback between Lady Nagant and Kai Chisaki. Knowing that he already lost his quirk after Tomura Shigaraki cuts his arms, it seems that AFO also gave him a new quirk. Looking at their conversation, it looks like Chisaki has the ability to scout the enemy.

The chapter reveals that Kai Chisaki’s only reason for cooperating with the mission is that he wants to see his boss – the one who saved him and brought him into the Yakuza world.

The scene moves back to the main timeline. Lady Nagant tried to shoot Chisaki but Midoriya stepped in and saved Chisaki from the incoming bullet. Lady Nagant was shocked and realized something about Izuku.

Shortly after, Izuku attacked Lady Nagant. Izuku’s attack managed to hit the enemy resulting in the destruction of Lady Nagant’s Rifle Arm. Lady Nagant is about to fall to the ground but her hand was caught by Midoriya.

“If you really were on the same side as AFO, you would’ve just ripped through my back with your first shot right then and there,” Izuku Midoriya on Lady Nagant’s actions

Lady Nagant appreciates Izuku and obviously, she’s about to side with the heroes again. However, AFO prepared something for her in case she betrayed him. As a result, Lady Nagant’s body explodes and her current situation is still unknown. The manga ends with Hawks arriving on the battlefield and caught the wounded Lady Nagant.

Will Lady Nagant be able to survive? Let’s see how things unfold in the next chapter of the Boku no Hero Academia manga series.

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Release Date

Will there be a break for the next chapter of My Hero Academia? As of the moment, there is no official announcement for any delay of the next manga installment of the Boku no Hero Academia. This only means that My Hero Academia Chapter 316 will be available on June 13, 2021, Sunday.

The new manga chapter will be available in the next magazine issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump. For fans who want to read the new chapter online, you can visit the official manga distributors such as Manga Plus by Shueisha and Viz Media.

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Spoilers

Just like the other popular manga series, My Hero Academia is being leaked ahead of its scheduled release. Spoilers and raw scans for the Boku no Hero Academia are usually being leaked around two to three days before the official release of the chapter, which means that you should be able to see it on Friday or Saturday.

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