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My Hero Academia Chapter 323: Deku’s Heart Connects With Class I-A

Manga fans have seen a very heartwarming moment in the previous manga installment for Kohei Horikoshi’s Boku no Hero Academia. With the release of the previous chapter, readers are now eager to see the outcome of Class I-A’s effort to bring Midoriya back to them. Did Bakugo and his classmates’ actions really reach the heart of Midoriya? Let’s find out in the upcoming Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 323.

My Hero Academia Chapter 323 Release Date

Following the almost 2 weeks of break, the new manga chapter of Boku no Hero Academia has finally been out. This release also marks the resume of the regular schedule of the manga series. So, when will be the release of Chapter 323? According to the details, My Hero Academia Chapter 323 will officially release on August 22, 2021.

Unless there is no official announcement for any delay or schedule changes, the next chapter should be available on Sunday. Be the first to read the official English-translated version of Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 323 by accessing the manga on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

My Hero Academia Chapter 322 Recap

The previous manga chapter titled “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight” highlights the continuation of Deku’s retrieval. The manga directly picked up the story where it has been ended in the previous chapter.

Class 1-A Students Reunites

Midoriya and Ida have been falling to the ground without any protection. But thankfully, Kirishima arrived and catch them. At the same time, all other students from Class 1-A arrived in the area after a series of attempts to stop Deku from fleeing.

Bakugo Apologized to Deku

While most of his classmates already told that Deku can return to the UA, the current OFA user still insists that its too dangerous for everyone as he’s the one being targeted by the enemies. But before Midoriya attempt to escape again, Bakugo appeared in front of him.

Instead of an angry and furious words from the Explosion Quirk user, Midoriya meet Bakugo’s another personality. In front of the whole class, Bakugo bowed his head and apologized to Deku. Midoriya was suprised but knowing that he is still the target of All for One, Deku still want to leave them. Deku makes another attempt to leave but with his young body can no longer keep up with his mind and falls down and lost his conciousness.

Civilians Hates Deku

The Class I-A students brought Midoriya back to the UA where they see a fully secured facility. One of the pro-hero that welcomed them explained what’s happening around. At the same time, Midoriya slowly regained his conciousness and immediately heard the noise from the inside of the UA.

The civilians are shouting not to allow Midoriya inside the facility as they have already learned that Deku is the one that the enemies want. Upon hearing the hurtful words from the civilians, Deku decides to leave but then Uraraka stop him. Uraraka told Midoriya not to worry and asked the AFO user who will save heroes when they’re the one in trouble.