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Mythical Pokemon Meltan: Origin, Type, And What We Know (So Far)

Surprisingly, The Pokemon Company along with its partners has announced the mysterious Pokemon Meltan that initially appeared in Pokemon GO a few days ago.

As of this moment, Mythical Meltan is still mysterious. Apart from its name, there are a lot of missing details about this Pokemon. So we’re here to compile all the details that we gathered about the new Pokemon Meltan.

Mythical Pokemon Meltan First Appearance

Meltan was first discovered by Pokemon GO data miner Chrales from the game’s network traffic alongside Kecleon. Following the day of its discovery, Meltan and Kecleon started appearing in Pokemon GO right after the Chikorita Community Day ended.

During its few hours of appearance, Pokemon Go players started catching the two new Pokemon. However, right after it was being caught, Meltan and Kecleon transformed into Ditto. Meltan continuously appearing in Pokemon GO until now.

Mythical Meltan Characteristics

In an announcement earlier today, The Pokemon Company has revealed that Meltan is categorized as a Hex Nut Pokemon, Steel-type Pokemon with a height of 0’08” and weighing 17.6 lbs.

Similar to Unown, Meltan is a genderless Pokemon. Meltan’s body is made up liquid for the lower part and steel for its head. It generates electricity from the metal on its head and the absorbed electricity can be used as a powerful attack coming from its eye.

Mythical Meltan Origin and Generation

According to the announcement trailer for Meltan, Professor Oak told Professor Willow that the Mythical Meltan is an ancient age Pokemon.

Mythical Pokemon Meltan
Mythical Pokemon Meltan

While the announcement did not mention that Meltan is part of Generation 8 Pokemon, we can now say that it’s really part of Generation 8. This is because of the announcement last week that Mythical Zeraora is the last Pokemon that will be added in Generation 7.

Meltan Future Appearance

Apart from Pokemon GO, Mythical Meltan will also become available in Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee.

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee is the newest Pokemon franchise coming to Nintendo Switch on November 16, 2018.

Right now, Meltan will be turning into Ditto in Pokemon GO. Niantic has encouraged trainers to catch as many Meltan as possible as drop rate for shiny Ditto has increased.

By Amber Davis

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