NBA 2K19 Under Fire Because of the Series of In-Game Bugs and Glitch Reports

NBA 2k19, one of the newest games in town, is currently under fire because of the massive reports of in-game bugs and glitches. NBA 2K customer support team says that they are already doing their job to solve the issue.

NBA 2K19 just came out earlier this month and unfortunately, fans are getting a lot of problems playing the game such as missing VC, character progression errors, deletion of MmyCareer data, and even never-ending NBA match.

In-game reports and complaints rapidly grow as time pass by that even pushed the NBA 2K support team to post an update on their Twitter account 3 times just for this month. “We are receiving more tickets than normal. We’re doing everything we can to get to your case,” NBA 2K support team said. Apart from the Twitter update, the official NBA 2K representative on Reddit has also commented and asking their fans to patiently wait 7-8 days as their team is already looking on the issue.

An NBA 2K19 player has encountered one of the worst game of his life. During his live stream on Twitch, the never-ending match kicked. On his stream, you can see that the match are still on-going even if the clock already hits 0 seconds. He tried to quit and save but unfortunately, he failed to get what he’s expecting.

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