New Paladin Card For Hearthstone Rastakhan’s Rumble Revealed

The 10th expansion for Hearthstone called Rastakhan’s Rumble is coming out on December 4th, and while fans are patiently waiting for its release, the new upcoming card has been revealed.

Thanks to Thijs for covering the reveal of the new card. Along with the upcoming update, a new legendary champion Paladin card called High Priest Thekal is also releasing.

Hearthstone High Priest Thekal
Hearthstone High Priest Thekal

High Priest Thekal has a 3 mana cost, with 4 health and 3 attack damage. What this new card does is once you start the game and you use this card, your life will be depleted to 1 and the life that was removed from you will be added to your total armor. For example, you have a remaining 30 life and you decided to use the High Priest Thekal, your life will drop to 1 and your armor will be 29.

Hearthstone Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion is launching on December 4th, 2018. The pre-order page is now live and you have two bundle option for this expansion, the $20 which includes Ready to Rumble Card Back and 17 card packs and the $50 bundle which includes Ready to Rumble card back, 50 card packs, and the new alternate shaman hero King Rastakhan.

By Amber Davis

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