New Xbox Avatars Are Now Live To All Xbox One Owners

One of the features that Microsoft has been teasing since last year is the new Xbox avatar system and this month, Microsoft has officially released a new Xbox system update bringing the new avatars to all Xbox One users.

The new avatars are much better than the previous avatars. If you changed to the new Xbox avatar system, you will also old items and avatars. However, losing these old set of avatars will be replaced by a wider range of new emotes, clothing, and items.

Xbox New Avatars
Xbox New Avatars

Apart from the new avatar items and clothing, the new avatar system also brings new accessories such as mobility aids and prosthetic limbs.

After upgrading to the new Xbox system update, your new avatar will appear in your account profile, home screen, and activity feed. While it’s still unclear if the old avatar will be removed permanently in the future, you still have the option to keep it for now.

By Kaitlyn Williams

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