Pokemon GO Banned Accounts

Niantic Banned More Than 500K Accounts Who Are Using Cheating Apps

Following the report about the new security update that has been implemented on their apps, Niantic has revealed that they have successfully tracked and took action to accounts who were found to be using cheating and third-party apps.

According to the recent blog post, Niantic has confirmed that they banned more than 500,000 accounts who are using cheating apps like GPS spoofers while playing Pokemon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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This is not the first time that Niantic took action to punish players who are breaking the rules of the game. Just a few months ago, the company also made a huge move by banning thousands of players who are using third-party apps.

To keep your account safe, Niantic outlined the changes that have been made to stop and prevent cheating their games. The company has updated and expanded the Three Strikes Discipline Policy of their games, which also includes the newly released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. You can read the updated game policy here.

The developer also revealed that the latest security update improved the detection of rooted and jailbroken devices to detect any third-party apps that are active or sideloading with Pokemon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. As of writing, all their games do not support rooted and jailbroken devices and if you are playing the game on a modified device, your account is at risk of suspension.

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