Nintendo Creators Program Shutting Down

Nintendo Is Shutting Down Its Creators Program In December

Nintendo has announced that they will be terminating the Nintendo Creators Program next month. The Creators Program will no longer be effective at the end of December, which means starting early next year, video creators will no longer submit their channel and contents to the platform in order to get monetization privileges.

A new set of guidelines will be implemented that will take away the ContentID’s automatic copyright claim of YouTube. Meaning, if you upload Super Mario gameplay, you have the chance to monetize it.

To sum it up, video creators can now upload and monetize their videos on their channel as long as it follows the new set of guidelines that will be implemented. One of this is the creative commentary on each video. Also, Nintendo clarified that they will not allow monetization on videos that are re-uploaded trailers, gameplay, and even tournaments with commentators.

With the upcoming release of Super Mario Bros. Ultimate, this is the best time to prepare to start streaming and monetizing once the Creators Program shuts down.

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