Nioh 2 – Darkness in the Capital DLC Trophies for PS4

Developer Team Ninja has officially released the 2nd DLC for Nioh 2 titled Darkness in the Capital. Just like any other DLC for PlayStation 4, the new Nioh 2 DLC brings a new list of trophies that players can achieve in the game.

For PS4 players who are looking for the complete Nioh 2 DLC Pack 2 trophies and how to obtain it, check out the guide below.

Nioh 2 - Darkness in the Capital

Nioh 2 DLC Pack 2 Trophies

Bronze TrophyThe Demon and the Phoenix
Completed "Suzune in the Flames".
Bronze TrophyGuardian of the Gate
Completed "The Blighted Gate".
Bronze TrophyWhat Must Be Done
Completed "Palace of the Damned".
Bronze TrophyHeian Samurai
Completed all missions in "Darkness in the Capital".
Bronze TrophyHeian Demon
Completed all missions in "Darkness in the Capital" on Dream of the Demon.
Bronze TrophyKodama Pathfinder
Collected all Kodama in "Darkness in the Capital".
Bronze TrophyFist Master
Acquired mystic art for the fists.
Bronze TrophyThe Flame That Lights the Darkness
Lit all fire altars in "Palace of the Damned".
Bronze TrophySpa Fanatic
Bathed in every hot spring found in "Darkness in the Capital".
Bronze TrophyThe Ultimate Recognition
Completed "The Dragon's Kin".
Bronze TrophyTsuchigumo Exterminated
Defeated Tsuchigumo while equipped with at least one piece of gear with the special effect "Dragon Ninja".
Bronze TrophyBehind the Bamboo Blinds
Caused Oboroguruma to release Amrita from its carriage at least 10 times.
Bronze TrophyTrue Atonement
Attained 100% Penitence on a Stone of Penance.
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