Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper

NIS Announced Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper For PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Nippon Ichi Software announced Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper (Satsujin Tantei Jack the Ripper), a new adventure game coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Along with the announcement, NIS has officially opened a new website and a Twitter account for the game. According to the details, Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper is set to release on April 25, 2019.

Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper

Here’s the overview of the game:

Will you choose the path of good or evil?

Set in a fictional London where medical technology has developed, Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper is a fully-voiced adventure game. While investigating a string of murders, private detective Arthur Hewitt, perhaps from the shock of discovering dead bodies, realizes the existence of “another person” within himself. This leads Arthur, living in strange cohabitation with a phantom that calls himself Jack the Ripper, to become wrapped up in a huge case that revolves around London.

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