One Hour One Life – A 60 Minutes Game To Rebuild The Future

If you only had 60 minutes to live your entire life, what would you do?

A new multiplayer survival game called One Hour One Life developed by Jason Rohrer will give you a chance to rebuild the civilization. Unlike the other games, your life in One Hour One Life depends on the other players. When you enter the game, you will be starting as a baby who grows up, ages and dies within 60 minutes.

As the time passes by, players aim to make advancements through crafting and making their own family so that these achievements can be passed down to the next generation (you).

Just like what I’ve said, you will be starting as a baby, and these babies have to be taken care of by their parents – which is another player who already experienced being a baby. Your life depends on how your parents grow you to become an adult.

The game developer has confirmed that they will be giving weekly updates to step forward along with the development of the civilization.

One Hour One Life’s server will be starting out from the wilderness that will slowly be transformed into an advanced civilization through the efforts of all the players passing their achievements to the generation.


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