One Piece Breaks the Internet After Teasing Luffy’s Awakening in Chapter 1043

Once again, Eiichiro Oda surprised fans with another chapter of his top-hit One Piece manga. One Piece Chapter 1043 gives a lot of goosebumps to all of its readers and followers around the world. Well, who wouldn’t feel the hype after the author teases Monkey D. Luffy’s devil fruit awakening on the last spread of the chapter?

The One Piece manga is currently in the Wano Country Arc, and things are getting more intense as the manga gets closer to its climax. Following the defeat of Big Mom against Law and Kid, many are wondering if Luffy can defeat the “Strongest Creature” in the entire series. Kaido has already proven his strength by fighting a lot of strong opponents before having a head-to-head fight against Luffy.

While he had already fought a lot of opponents, Kaido was still able to withstand Luffy’s power. The fight between Luffy and Kaido reached its conclusion in this chapter, with the manga announcing Kaido as the winner. However, it seems that there’s a comeback for Luffy as the cliffhanger sees him smiling while his body starts to melt, including his straw hat.

Luffy’s Devil Fruit Awakening Teased

During the Dressrosa Arc, we have seen how Donquixote Doflamingo turns everything around him into strings when he goes berserk and uses his devil fruit awakening. Looking at the melting body of Luffy, could it be his devil fruit awakening?

As of the moment, the manga has yet to reveal the truth behind Luffy’s melting. However, fans from different platforms already believed that we would see Luffy’s awakening in the next chapter of the One Piece manga.

Unfortunately, manga fans will have to wait as manga author Eiichiro Oda will be taking a short break from his office. This only means that the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1044 will be delayed for a week.