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One Piece Chapter 1021: Luffy Returns to Onigashima

After almost 2 weeks of absence, Eiichiro Oda has returned with the latest chapter of One Piece manga. With the release of Chapter 1020, manga fans are now thrilled for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1021. So in this manga guide, we will be sharing with you all the details that we know about the next One Piece manga chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1021 Release Date

Will the One Piece manga be put on hiatus next week? Note that the previous Chapter 1020 was delayed due to the Olympics event in Japan. Now that the event is getting close to its conclusion, the entertainment industry is also going back to its normal phase.

As of writing, there is no official announcement for any delay or schedule changes for the next issue of One Piece manga. That being said, expect to read One Piece Chapter 1021 on August 8, 2021, Sunday.

You can read the next issue of the One Piece manga on Viz and Manga Plus.

One Piece Chapter 1021 Spoilers

As of the moment, there are still no leaked spoilers and raw scans for Chapter 1021 of One Piece manga series. We will be giving you another update once the spoilers have already been leaked online.

One Piece Chapter 1020 Recap

The previous manga chapter of One Piece titled Robin vs Black Maria features the start of the fight between Robin of the Straw Hat Pirates and Black Maria, one of the Tobiroppo of the Beasts Pirates. This match-up has been set up after Robin decides to aid Sanji.

Yamato’s Devil Fruit Revealed

The chapter debuts with Kaido revealing the name of Yamato’s devil fruit. It turns out that Yamato has eaten the Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit called Makami Dog-Dog Fruit. Kaido states that it was a mistake to let a wannabe Oden like Yamato eat the devil fruit. It was also revealed that the Makami is considered as Wano’s guardian deity.

Given the nature of the Devil Fruit, Kaido wants Yamato to protect the Wano Country for him. But Yamato declined and told her father that he will be helping the samurai and protect the country from him and open the borders of the country.

Robin vs Black Maria

The fight between Robin and Black Maria starts in Chapter 1020. Black Maria tried to lure Robin using her illusions but unfortunately, it didn’t work against the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. Robin attacked the illusions set up by Black Maria using her Devil Fruit Power.

Robin and Brook tried to step back from the enemy but Black Maria chased them. During their fight, Black Maria used a weapon with a Devil Fruit power. But with Brook’s ability, they easily managed to take it down.

The first round of their fight ends with Brook leaving Black Maria to Robin, while he handles the other subordinates and followers of Black Maria.

Luffy Asked Momonosuke’s Help

At Tokage Port, Luffy was seen eating all the meat that the crew members of the Heart Pirates gave him. While he already devoured all the meat, it’s still not enough to regain all of his strength. He asked for more food but the Heart Pirates already gave her all of their stocks.

Meanwhile, Caribou has reappeared in the series while he was watching Momonosuke and Luffy from afar. Upon hearing that Luffy wants more food, it seems that Caribou will start looking for food as he believes that if Luffy loses, he can’t leave the country.

The manga chapter ends with Luffy asking Momonosuke’s aid. Given that they already fall down from the flying island, Luffy asked the heir of the Kozuki family to transform into his dragon form and fly back to Onigashima.