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One Piece Chapter 1026: Spoilers, Raw Scans, and Release Date

One Piece is back with the release of the latest manga chapter. The manga is moving in a fast-paced manner and fans are now thrilled to see more action in One Piece Chapter 1026. Unfortunately, there’s some bad news for the fandom as the staff announced a break for the series.

One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers

As of the moment, there are still no leaked One Piece Chapter 1026 spoilers and raw scans. Spoilers are usually released 2 to 3 days before the scheduled release of the chapter. The One Piece subreddit says that the early scans, which are being translated to English by the community, will be released on September 24th. This hints that the spoilers should be available on the 22nd or 23rd of September. Stay tuned for more details.

One Piece Chapter 1026 Release Date

According to the details revealed from the last spread of Chapter 1025, the manga author, Eiichiro Oda, is taking a one-week break from the office. This only means that there will be no new chapter next week. Fortunately, it’s only a one-week break and the Wano Country Arc will continue in One Piece Chapter 1026 which is scheduled to release on September 26, 2021.

One Piece Chapter 1025 Recap

The previous chapter highlights the return of Luffy and Momonosuke to the flying island of Onigashima. The manga chapter titled “Twin Dragons” starts with Luffy encouraging Momonosuke to fly. The manga shifts back to the fight between Kaido and Yamato.

As the two are fighting, Kaido keeps on bluffing about Yamato’s fate. However, Yamato objects to what her father is saying and tells her that he has friends.

The next spread of the chapter returns to Luffy and Momonosuke. Kozuki Oden’s son started flying, but his eyes were closed. Instead of flying directly at the top of the Skull Dome, Momonosuke’s dragon form started the infiltration from the first floor. Slowly, they reached the top floor, where they immediately saw Kaido.

Luffy also transformed into his fourth gear and attacked Kaido. At the same time, Luffy’s attack got synchronized with Yamato’s, allowing them to fully hit Kaido. After the attack, Yamato was happy to see Luffy back in action. Luffy also thanked Yamato for facing her father while he was away.

Kaido shifts back to his dragon form and witnesses another dragon flying in front of him. While Kaido seemed interested in knowing how Luffy survived, his attention was caught by the other dragon. Kaido asked who was the dragon, and while Momonosuke was still fearing the enemy, he proudly announced that he was the son of Oden and the next shogun of the Wano Kuni.

The manga ends with Kaido telling us that the world doesn’t need another dragon, referring to Momonosuke’s dragon.