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One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoilers, Raw Scans, and Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1037 will continue the Luffy vs. Kaido fight at the top of the Skull Dome. Things are getting more exciting as the three members of the All-Stars of the Beasts Pirates have finally been defeated, and the members of the CP0 have already learned about it. Meanwhile, the other fight happening inside Onigashima is also getting close to its conclusion.

Many exciting events are about to happen as we see Scratchmen Apoo and Inbi escape together, while X Drake is already lying on the ground after being defeated by one of the members of the CP0. Meanwhile, Komurasaki has appeared once again, along with Orochi, who requested the oiran to play the song that he liked. The fight between Raizo and Fukurokuju is also not yet over. So, what are you expecting from the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1037?

What happened in One Piece Chapter 1036?

The chapter starts with the king being defeated by Zoro. A flashback shows Kaido asking King if he thinks he’s Joyboy. At the same time, Zoro’s promise to never lose again was also shown. Zoro says he will become the King of Hell if that is what it takes. Meanwhile, Bao Huang informed the members of the CP0 about the king’s defeat. The CP0 was shocked that all of the Flying Six and All-Stars were defeated. Inside the Skull Dome, both Kid and Law are still struggling with the power of Big Mom, while Momonosuke is still pulling Onigashima out of the Flower Capital.

On the inside of the Onigashima again, Yamato sees Rokki guarding the gate to the armory. But with the help of Fuga, she was able to break the gate and pass through. Usopp was also in a tight situation facing the enemies who were surrounding him. Usopp was protecting both Kinemon and Kikunojo when Izu suddenly appeared and helped him. Raizo and Fukurokuju are also in the middle of a fight, while Orochi is having a good time with Komurasaki.

In the 2nd basement, Apoo and Inbi find their way to escape after seeing CP0 defeating X Drake. The CP0 member received a call asking if they had already captured Nico Robin. On top of the Skull Dome, the fight between Luffy and Kaido resumes. Kaido is still in his hybrid form while fighting Luffy. Both get excited after they acknowledge each other’s strengths.

When is the One Piece Chapter 1037 release date?

One Piece Chapter 1037 is slated to be officially released on January 15, 2021. Due to the holiday season, Chapter 1036 was rescheduled to be released this weekend. Assuming that there will be no other delays or schedule changes, One Piece fans should be able to read the new chapter on the mentioned date.

Where to read the One Piece Chapter 1037 spoilers?

One Piece Chapter 1037 spoilers are expected to be available on Reddit and other social media platforms. Sometimes, leaks are found early on Twitter and even Facebook. We will also take a closer look and give you another update once spoilers or raw scans have been leaked.

Where to read the official One Piece Chapter 1037?

As always, we highly recommend reading Eiichiro Oda’s manga from the official distributors such as Viz and Manga Plus. Take note that some of the early scans were only translated by the One Piece community, which means that there may be some errors in some translations.