One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers, Release Date, and Recap

One Piece Chapter 1077 is fast approaching and if you’re one of the fans waiting for the upcoming battle between Red Hair Pirates and Kid Pirates, you surely don’t want to miss any of the details on this page. Here, we will be giving you all the details that we know about the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1077, including its release date and spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1077 Release Date

The 1077th chapter of Eiichiro Oda’s top-hit One Piece manga series is scheduled to release on March 12, 2023. With the release of One Piece Chapter 1076 on February 26, 2023, the manga author, as well as the staff has decided to have a short break.

While we already have the scheduled release date of One Piece Chapter 1077, we still highly recommend that you take these details lightly. In case there are some unexpected schedule changes again, we will be updating this post as soon as possible.

One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers

Since the new chapter for the manga is scheduled for two weeks as of writing this article, there are still no leaked spoilers or any details about the upcoming chapter. However, we will be updating this post or just publishing a new article about the One Piece Chapter 1077 spoilers once we hear any news about it. In the meantime, check out the short recap of the previous chapter below.

One Piece Chapter 1076 Recap

The previous One Piece chapter, Chapter 1077, was titled “Old Friends.”

The chapter begins with a battle between the Seraphim and Luffy’s group. Both S-Hawk and S-Bear attack them, and with Rob Lucci and Kaku still tied up, Luffy and Zoro are unable to properly fight the enemies. Later, we see Luffy freeing members of CP0 to help them take down the Seraphim.

In other parts of Egghead, the manga reveals that the other secret agents were imprisoned along with Stella. According to one agent, the government believed that Dr. Vegapunk was responsible for the disappearance of the other agents. This explains why the government sent CP0 to kill Stella and Dr. Vegapunk.

Meanwhile, on Elbaf, the other members of the Red Hair Pirates inform Shanks that their enemies have been waiting for a long time and are already angry. Knowing that the battle will be significant, Shanks asks Dorry and Brogy to help him. The two giants agree as they consider Shanks to be their brother. On the Kid Pirates’ ship, Killer warns Kid about what may happen. However, it seems that Kid is determined to fight Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates, as the manga shows Kid getting pumped up.