Kaido Mythical Devil Fruit

One Piece Chapter 921 Officially Reveals Kaido’s Mythical Devil Fruit

Dubbed as the strongest creature in One Piece, Kaido of the Beast Pirates has finally revealed its mythical Zoan devil fruit. In One Piece Chapter 921, Kaido made his first appearance in his Zoan form.

Unlike the Whole Cake Island Arc, Wano Arc is far way better when it comes to craziness. Here, Oda introduced the existence of time travel which comes from Toki Toki no Mi. And in One Piece Chapter 921, we finally see Kaido’s devil fruit.

Kaido of the Beast Pirates
Kaido of the Beast Pirates

One Piece Chapter 921 – Shutenmaru and Kaido’s Devil Fruit

In the previous chapters, we learned about the story of Kozuki Clan and how they traveled through time. With the help of Oden’s wife, they managed to escape death and now trying to take back what they lost in the past.

Now, Kinemon already told the Straw Hat crew and company their plans. Each one of them is now disguised to hide their identity and to complete their missions. Franky has successfully gathered some information about Orochi’s current status while Robin is getting close to Orochi and it looks like she plans to be a Geisha.

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Other members wear the Wano costumes to disguise and start looking for their allies namely Ashura Douji, Denkirou, and Kamatsu. Ashura Douji is the man who is defeated by Oden in the Lawless Land.

One Piece Jack vs Shutenmaru
One Piece Jack vs Shutenmaru

Shutenmaru also makes his first appearance in this chapter. Shutenmaru will ask the bandits in the area for the whereabouts of the Straw Hats but he got nothing in return.

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This chapter also marks as the start of a fight between him and Jack. It all started when Jack confronts him but he immediately attacked Jack leaving a scar on his chest.

Kaido's Dragon Form
Kaido’s Dragon Form

Meanwhile in Jack’s location, the sky turned dark and a Dragon appeared asking jack to bring the kids to him. The chapter ends when Law revealed that the Dragon appeared in the sky is Kaido.

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