One Piece Sanji Raid Suit

One Piece Chapter 931 Spoilers – Sanji’s Raid Suit

One Piece Chapter 931 is just around the corner and anytime, the official spoilers may leak online. But before the community goes wild, let’s discuss the possible events that may happen in this chapter.

While fans are intrigued what will happen to Big Mom and how she will survive after seeing her drowning to the stream, most of the fans are more excited to see the fight between Sanji and Page One.

Update: Click here to read the official One Piece Chapter 931 Spoilers!

Sanji’s Raid Suit Power-Up

In the previous chapter, it has been revealed that Sanji already made a move to deal with Page One by kicking him on his head. Law is a bit worried that Sanji’s identity will be revealed but it seems Page One doesn’t know his face. Since they are hiding their identity, Sanji needs to finish the fight as soon as possible and to make it happen, Sanji plans to use the Raid Suit given to him by the Germa 66.

One Piece Sanji Raid Suit

We have already seen the Germa 66 using the Raid Suit but it’s obvious that we haven’t seen its full potential. With Sanji’s current strength and with the addition of his Raid Suit, we will be seeing a brand new Sanji on Chapter 931.

While this is the first time for Sanji using the Raid Suit, I believe that he will be able to handle the power and can knock down Page One in a matter of time. We still have no idea what’s the hidden power of that Raid Suit, so until the official One Piece Chapter 931 come out, let’s take this theory lightly.

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