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One Piece Chapter 939 Spoilers, Release Date: Big Mom Approaching The Mine Prison

One Piece Chapter 398 is officially out and if you haven’t read them yet, then be aware that this article contains spoiler. The previous chapter reveals a lot of things which sets up future twists that may happen in the Wano Arc.

As seen in the previous chapter, Zoro has managed to defeat Kamazou and saved Hiyor and Toko. However, he received a lot of damage which makes him fall to the ground. Meanwhile, Gyukimaru has been spotted running away from the scene which is a bit suspicious knowing that Zoro is his opponent.

In other parts of the country, Drake and Hawkins have arrested a lot of people that are associated with the markings. Shinobu and Law get into an argument after Shinobu accused Law’s subordinate of leaking the information. Before the chapter ends, it has been revealed that Hiyori aka Komurasaki has been confirmed that she’s Momonosuke’s younger sister.

Now, we’re heading to One Piece Chapter 939 and as of writing, no one still knows what exactly will happen in the upcoming chapter. It’s unfortunate but fans have to wait two weeks to get the next chapter, that means we won’t get any spoiler this week. But hey, we can still speculate the things that may happen in the upcoming chapter.

For One Piece Chapter 939, we could still be seeing more of Zoro. Since Hiyori’s identity has been revealed, Zoro will surely put his life to protect her. We may also see Gyukimaru return anytime soon. There are speculations that Gyukimaru is a loyal follower of Oden and seeing that Zoro helped Hiyori, there’s a chance that he may give Zoro his weapon and help them for their cause. Big mom, on the other hand, may finally arrive at the Mine Prison and will immediately look for the food. A fight between Big Mom and Queen might explode and we may one of Kaido’s strong man lose.

Eiichiro Oda has announced in Chapter 398 that he will be on break next week. That only means that One Piece Chapter 939 will be due in two weeks. Expect to see the next chapter on April 15, 2019, in the next Shonen Jump magazine issue.

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