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One Piece Chapter 982 Spoilers: Big Mom Chasing Usopp and Chopper

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga is about to release this week. Similar to what happened in the previous release, the spoilers for the upcoming chapter have been leaked online. In this post, we will be sharing you all the One Piece Chapter 982 spoilers that we gathered. Please note that all the information in this article is found on the web and we do not participate in the creation of these leaked details.

One Piece Chapter 982 Spoilers

According to the leaked One Piece 982 manga spoilers on Reddit, the story will continue with the raid at Onigashima. Previously, Kaido instructed his subordinates to find for his son but it seems that Black Maria, one of the Flying Six, is not interested in searching for Yamato and decides to stay close to Kaido.

Kanjuro, who just arrived at Onigashima, arrives in front of Orochi and Kaido and told them that the plan to stop the scabbards has failed. However, it seems that Kanjuro is still unaware that the Straw Hats and the alliance are already on the island.

Meanwhile, Kyoshiro accidentally meets Sasaki, also one of the Tobiroppo. Sasaki still thinks that Kyoshiro is an ally and Kyoshiro decides to take this as an advantage. On the other side of the island, Law and the others are speaking with Nekomamushi who just arrived in the Wano Country along with Marco and Izu.

In the previous chapter, we have seen that Big Mom sees Chopper and in the upcoming Chapter 982, the Yonko started chasing the Straw Hat members inside the tank. However, they are running in the opposite direction where they have their allies.

One Piece Chapter 982 Release Date

Now that the spoilers have already been leaked online, it is safe to say that there will be no delay or schedule changes for the One Piece manga Chapter 982. You can read the latest One Piece manga on Viz Media and Manga Plus on Sunday, June 14th.

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