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One Piece Chapter 984 Delayed, New Release Date Revealed

One Piece manga has been constantly releasing new chapters every week. Seeing the author taking a break is pretty normal in the series. It’s been 2 straight weeks for the continuous release of the manga. Now, it seems that fans will have to wait for a little longer as Eiichiro Oda announced that One Piece Chapter 984 is not coming in the next issue of WSJ magazine.

Now that we already know that the upcoming chapter will be delayed, when should we expect to read it? In this manga guide, we will be sharing you everything that we know about the upcoming One Piece Chapter 984 including its release date and more.

When is One Piece Chapter 984 release date

One Piece is usually getting a one-week break and if everything goes smoothly despite the virus outbreak in Japan, One Piece Chapter 984 will return on July 5th. The new manga chapter will come along with the other manga in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue #31.

Where to read One Piece manga?

There are two ways to read Eiichiro Oda’s top-hit manga One Piece. You can buy the official issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Another way is to read it online by visiting the official manga distributors.

Currently, Manga Plus and Viz Media are distributing the manga series. While these are subscription-based services, they are offering the latest manga chapter for free. Not only the latest manga chapter but the latest three chapters being released for the manga.

What to expect in One Piece Chapter 984?

One Piece is one of the manga series that is always getting its chapter leaked ahead of its release. As of the moment, we still don’t have the spoilers for the upcoming chapter but that doesn’t stop us to guess what may happen in the next chapter.

As seen in Chapter 983, One Piece has finally debuted Kaido’s son, Yamato. Luffy just got into another trouble as he faced two of the members of Tobiroppo, also known as the Flying Six. Knowing that they are part of the group, it’s obvious that they’ve got some power compared to the other members of the Beast Pirates.

In the chapter, we have seen how Ulti and Luffy started the fight. Luffy acknowledged Ulti’s power after having a head-to-head attack against him. The two is about to start a serious fight but Yamato suddenly appeared and attacked Ulti.

While everyone is shocked by Yamato’s action, Luffy was asked by Yamato if he was the real Luffy. Yamato immediately grabbed Luffy and said that he will not hurt him. He also revealed that he was the son of Yonko Kaido.

Judging Yamato’s action, it seems that he is one of Luffy’s fan just like Bartolomeo. If not, there’s a chance the Yamato is just against his father’s actions and will decide to form an alliance with Luffy.

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