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One Piece Manga Reveals Kamazo’s Real Identity (Contains Spoilers)

With the recently released One Piece manga chapter, a character’s real identity who fought against Zoro was revealed. Kamazo, an assassin working for Orochi, was introduced in Chapter 937 when he was chasing Toko and Kozuki Hiyori and ended up facing against Zoro.

Kamazo managed to inflict Zoro but in the end, Zoro still managed to defeat him. Following the defeat, Kamazo never made an appearance again until now, One Piece Chapter 944 is released.

Kamazo’s Read Identity Revealed

Due to the failed mission that was given to him by Orochi, Kamazo has been considered as a criminal and is no longer affiliated with the Shogun. In One Piece Chapter 944, Kamazo finally returns as a prisoner.

Queen’s subordinates have captured the escapee Kid and the street murderer assassin Kamazo. While on their way back to the prison, Kid found himself familiar with Kamazo’s laughter. It turns out that Kamazo is Killer, the right-hand man of the Kid Pirates.

Kid asked Kamazo what happened but heard nothing. There’s a lot of tears flowing from the eyes of Kamazo while he was laughing. If you’ve been following the One Piece manga, you may already know the reason why Killer was laughing while crying. In case you don’t, it’s because of the SMILE fruit, a defective artificial devil fruit that removes the ability to be sad or angry and what a user can only do is smile for the rest of their lives.

Killer is a serious individual who even organized an alliance between Kid Pirates, On Air Pirates, and Hawkins Pirates. Right now, Killer has a total bounty of 200,000,000 Berry.

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