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One Punch Man Chapter 157 Spoilers, Raw Scans, and Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 157 will continue the fight between the heroes and the monsters. Garou has been continuously showing his impressive moves as he fights the monsters. Meanwhile, Flashy Flash was also proving his title as being one of the fastest heroes around. Unfortunately, we still haven’t seen Saitama fight again as the previous chapter only showcased the fight of Flashy Flash, Garou, and the monster.

What happened in One Punch Man Chapter 156?

The previous chapter, titled “Divine Punishment,” covers the fight between Flashy Flash, Garou, and the monsters. The manga starts with the matchup between Golden Sperm (a monster) and Flashy Flash (a hero). Flashy Flash still can’t believe he witnessed four people who were able to outspeed him. He knows that his forte is his speed, but he refuses to accept it and continues to impress everyone with his flashy moves against the monster. However, it seems that his speed and strength are still not enough as he was seen being thrown out of the battlefield. While the hero was already out of the scene, the fight doesn’t end there as Garou faces Golden Sperm. While Golden Sperm is already strong enough to take on multiple heroes, Garou was able to defeat him.

Meanwhile, Blast was seen in front of Tatsukami. Blast offered Tatsumaki to lend some of his powers, but Tatsumaki saw through him. It turns out that the blast in front of Tatsukami is not the real blast. Following this scene, the real Blast arrives and asks King to take care of Tatsumaki and the others as he has to go somewhere to have another fight. At this moment, we see the silhouettes of several unknown individuals.

After Blast left the battlefield, another monster appeared in front of Garou. It was the Great Monster Hermit Centipede, the avatar of Father Earth. Along with him is the avatar of the mother sea, Evil Ocean Water. Just right after announcing their presence, Garou immediately attacked the Great Monster Hermit Centipede.

When is the One Punch Man Chapter 157 release date?

One Punch Man is one of the manga series that doesn’t have an exact or regular schedule. However, it usually releases one new chapter every month. Now that we already have a new chapter for the month of January, we can say that the new chapter should be released next month. Assuming that there will be no delays or schedule changes, One Punch Man Chapter 157 should be released around February 16, 2022.

Where to read the One Punch Man Chapter 157?

The official manga chapter of the One Punch Man manga is constantly being released on Viz. The schedule above is based on the estimated release schedule of the chapter in Japan, which means that the chapter will be in the original Japanese language.

Unlike the other manga series out there, the release of the official English-translated version of the One Punch Man series is a little bit late. However, you can read the early community English-translated version of Chapter 157 a few days after its release in Japan. If you’re reading a community-translated One Punch Man Chapter 157, be reminded that you may encounter inaccurate translations. You can wait a few days for the official English-translated Chapter 157 on Viz. You can also follow the One Punch Man subreddit to keep track of the upcoming chapter.