Overwatch Announced Baptiste – A New Elite Support Hero

Following the constant teasing by Blizzard for the past few days, they finally revealed the new character that will be bringing some light in Overwatch.

Overwatch Baptiste

Announced earlier today, Blizzard has shared the origin story of Jean-Baptiste Augustin, the newest support hero that will support and help those who are in need.

Baptiste is an orphan who joined the Caribbean Coalition and he is one of the best medics for the team. However, he decided to desert the team and decide to pursue his decisions. Captain D. Cuerva instructed his men to hunt down Baptiste.

Apart from being a medic, Baptiste is also a good marksman. In his closing remarks from the debut trailer, he states that “I am going to make a better world. For some, that means a bandage, for others, a bullet.”

As of writing, Blizzard has not revealed the official release date for Baptiste. But obviously, this new character will be arriving in Overwatch anytime soon.

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