Overwatch Halloween Terror Event Goes Live Next Week

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the newest event coming to Overwatch. The new event is called Overwatch Halloween Terror Event which will be available starting on October 9th.

While Blizzard did not mention more details for this year’s Overwatch Halloween event, the released teaser already says a lot.

From the 7-seconds teaser video, we already got some glimpse of the re-skinned Eichenwalde map which is now the Adlersbrunn map along with Dr. Junkestein.

Overwatch Halloween Terror Event will surely offer a wide range of new skins for the characters, along with decorated Halloween-themed map, and of course, the PvE mode for Dr. Junkenstein. The fact that we all enjoyed the previous Halloween event, we are hoping that Blizzard adds some new feature and twists for this year’s Halloween event.

Overwatch Halloween Terror Event

As mentioned, new Halloween skins will be available during the event, along with some new Legendary skins which will likely cost around 3,000 credits.

What do you think of the Overwatch Halloween Terror event teaser video? Are you excited to meet Dr. Junkenstein once again?

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