Player Gets A Deadly Dragon Ball FighterZ Combo That Is Literally Over 9000

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been officially released last January 26, 2018 and many players are already starting to come up with some handful and advanced character combo in the new game. With the new mechanics and features that the game has been offering, the possibilities during the battle are limitless.

Right now, one player just made an advanced combo that can literally deal damage that is over 9000 points. To be exact, the deadly combo just made 10,000 total damage, draining all the health of the enemy character.

Using his lined-up team that includes Android 18, Beerus and Vegeta, William Peter Hjelte, discovered a deadly combo that can deplete all the hp of the enemy in one blow. Below is the video of how he did it:

So, what did William do to get this combo? Well, he uses Android 18 to get the combo going to keep the enemy in the air, thus extending the total number of hits. Followed by the kick from Android 18 then Beerus (with an extra bar of super meter burned to extend) and last but not the least is using Vegeta’s level three combo to finish off the enemy. All in all, the damage that has been sent out is enough to take down Android 21.

This devastating combo has been made in the training mode and not an online match against a human opponent. However, the fact that this combo is successful, online players can still use it with a proper training, strategy and timing.

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