PLDT Modem and Router Default Admin Username and Password

Philippine Long Distance Company, known as PLDT, has been continuously introducing different internet plans to the country. Each plan comes with different features such as internet speed, data capping, and more.

Previously, users can access the admin page of each router by using the default username and password. Due to some reports about the modem and router exploit, PLDT decided to change something on the routers that they have been distributing. Fortunately, there’s still a workaround to access the admin page of their routers. Below is the updated list of usernames and passwords for the PLDT routers.

ADSL Routers and Modems

Prolink PRS1241B

iGateway ADSL GA0.ET263-4

Zyxel amg1302-t10d

Baudtec RN243R4-A6

VDSL Routers and Modems

Prolink PRS1841U

Arcadyan VR9517PAC22-A-PP

Zyxel Bizbox VMG3926-B10B

Zyxel VMG1625

Baudtec Bizbox RN104R5GCH2-A0

Baudtec RN104VR4GCH-2S-A3

ONU Routers and Modem

Fiberhome HG180v2

Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA

Fiberhome AN5506-04-FAT

Huawei HG8245U

Huawei HG8245Q

Please note that the listed username and password are for PLDT Home DSL, PLDT Fibr, and PLDT Ultera subscription

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