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Pokemon GO 6th Community Day Schedule Confirmed – June 16th

One of the most loved feature right now in Pokemon GO is the Community Day event where it features a certain Pokemon equipped with a special move. There are already 4 Community Day event happened, and in the next few days, the 5th Community Day will take place.

Although the 5th Pokemon GO Community Day is not yet happening, the 6th Community Day event schedule has already been set. According to the official Pokemon GO website, the 6th Pokemon GO Community Day will be on June 16th. 7th Community Day also has the date, it’s on July 8th.

Screenshot Date: May 15, 2018

Since there’s already a date, the next question is who will be the featured Pokemon on that day? Well, in our guess, it will be Squirtle. As we all know, all the starter Pokemon from the Kanto region, except for Squirtle, has already been featured in the Community Day. So if Niantic follows the pattern, then we will be getting the Squirtle with a special move of Hydro Cannon. Also, expect to see the shiny form of the featured Pokemon next month!

That’s all for now folks. Charmander will be popping out on May 19th, so be ready for this 1-day event.

By Kaitlyn Williams

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