Pokemon GO Psychic Event 2018

Pokemon GO Added Shiny Drowzee For The Psychic Event 2018

While we’re in the midst of the rumors for the upcoming events in Pokemon GO, Niantic has announced a surprising event called Pokemon GO Psychic Event 2018.

Psychic Event features the spawn rate increase of Psychic-type Pokemon such as Abra, Balroy, Slowpoke and similar type Pokemon. Along with this spawn rate increase, the event also released the shiny form of some Pokemon including Shiny Drowzee and Shiny Hypno.

Pokemon GO Shiny Drowzee

In addition, Pokemon GO has also rolled out a new set of Field Research tasks that are focused on Psychic-type Pokemon. Completing all the tasks will result in getting close to the Water-type Legendary Pokémon Suicune.

Psychic Event 2018 starts from October 5 until October 14, 2018. Apart from this Psychic-event, fans will be able to encounter another rare Psychic-type Pokemon on the 3rd week of October as the Community Day for this month will feature Steel/Psychic Pokemon Beldum.

Meanwhile, Niantic has sent an email containing some hints for the upcoming event next month. “Trainers, some breaking news! Professor Willow is reporting that some spooky happenings are going on nearby. Could it be the work of Ghost-type Pokémon? Stay tuned to find out,” says the email.

Pokemon GO Fall Event 2018

In our opinion, this could be the Pokemon GO Halloween event or maybe the previously data mined code about Fall 2018. Until there’s no official announcement about this matter, make sure to enjoy the Psychic event this year!