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Pokemon GO Game Crash and Lag Issues Reported on July 21

Pokemon GO is still in celebrating its anniversary but it seems that players are experiencing server issues that cause constant crash and game lag, which makes Pokemon GO completely unplayable.

According to the reports from different Pokemon GO communities, they have been experiencing frequent game crashes. Trainers also reported that Pokemon GO stopped loading at when they entered the game, they are experiencing extreme lag. In fact, some players who are in battles are unable to succeed due to the lag issues.

Due to this game issue, players were not able to send gifs, participate in battles, unable to catch Pokemon, can’t trade, and more. Fortunately, Niantic has acknowledged the issue and released a statement confirming that they are now investigating the root cause of the server issue.

“We’re currently investigating server issues that are causing occasional crashing and lagging in Pokémon GO. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we’ll provide an update as more information becomes available,” Niantic tweeted.

After a few hours of troubleshooting, Niantic has released another update about the issue. According to the Pokemon GO developer, they have successfully fixed the issue and players should no longer experience the previous report.

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