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Pokemon GO Generation 4 Evolution Is Coming Soon, Niantic Announced

It’s been a while now since Pokemon GO Generation 4 Pokemon came out. And while fans are still enjoying the hype of its release, Niantic will be releasing Generation 4 evolution soon.

According to the recent Pokemon GO’s monthly newsletter, trainers are encouraged to gather more candies as a preparation for new Pokemon evolution.

Update: Generation 4 Pokemon evolutions are out! Make sure to check this link for the list of new evolutions in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO November Newsletter
Pokemon GO November Newsletter

Unfortunately, the newsletter did not mention any release date of the Generation 4 evolution. Either way, it’s good to hear that the new evolutions are coming out soon.

While this feature is not yet available in Pokemon right now, make sure to start collecting candies for Pokemon that has Generation 4 evolution. If you’re wondering what these Pokemon are, then make sure to check this Generation 4 evolution list.

Meanwhile, fans have already celebrated the Pokemon GO Community Day this month which features the Pokemon Cyndaquil along with its shiny form.

By Samantha Hubble

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