Pokemon GO Generation 4 Pokemon May Arrive Sooner Than We Think

With Niantic already finished releasing the Generation 3 Pokemon, the next question is that when will be the Generation 4 Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO.

A Pokemon GO fan shared his opinion on Reddit, explaining why we should be expecting Generation IV sooner than we think. According to flakride, Generation I Pokemon was released on 5th of July 2016 followed by Generation II Pokemon on 16th of February 2017, but the baby Pokemon are not yet included. The first wave of Generation III Pokemon was released on 8th of December 2017 and the last wave just happened on 8th of February 2018.

By looking at the pattern of the previous generation releases, between Generation I and Generation II was approximately 8 months and between Generation II and Generation III was around 9 months. The span between the first and the last wave release of Generation III was about 2 months. This is because Generation III has a lot more Pokemon than Generation 2, so Niantic needs to release it slowly.

Now, when will be the possible release of the Generation IV Pokemon? Unlike the previous releases, Generation IV Pokemon is not that large compared to the other generations. This is because most of the Pokemon came from the baby/evolved Pokemon from previous generations. And because of this, I am betting that it’s not possible that we can see the Generation IV Pokemon very soon.

Here are some few noteworthy things that we should consider:

  • Generation III is much bigger than Generation II, so it takes more time to get the full release.
  • Between the Johto and Hoenn releases, many new things and features were released. This includes the new raid system, gym revamped, weather effects and many more. This kind of updates need to be prioritized first before releasing new Pokemon
  • The size of Generation IV Pokemon mostly came from the previous and existing Pokemon, and the Sinnoh Pokedex is much smaller than the Johto.

As of now, there are still no signs of Generation IV Pokemon in Pokemon GO. But who knows? Since Niantic is known for releasing few numbers of new Pokemon before fully releasing it, we could potentially start seeing Pokemon in the Sinnoh region. In our guess, there’s a chance we could start seeing new Pokemon from Generation IV in June, or maybe even May.

What do you think of this prediction? Make sure to leave us a feedback in the comment section below.

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