Pokemon GO Latest News & Updates: Community Day Shiny Pikachu Spawn Rate Increased

As scheduled, Niantic just started the Pokemon GO Community Day event featuring Pikachu with a special move, increased XP, Stardust and 3-hour Lure Module.

The Pokemon GO Community event is a limited time event, so all the bonus features that the game have right now will soon disappear. One of the features that trainers are enjoying right now is the spawn rate increase for Pikachu. But that’s not all, Niantic also released Pikachu equipped with Surf move.

Shiny Pikachu Spawn Rate Increased

With the increase of Pikachu spawn, the increase to capture a shiny Pikachu is also higher. However, few hours after the event begun, trainers have noticed that the Shiny Pikachu is extremely rare compared to the normal spawn rate without an event.

Trainers complained about this issue and fortunately, Niantic acknowledged it and quickly fix the shiny spawn rate. As of writing, we have finally confirmed that the spawn rate for a Shiny Pikachu with a Surf move has been increased.

Maximizing The Features Of The Pokemon GO Community Day

Since this is a limited time event, every minute for Pokemon GO players should count. Here are some few tips that may help you maximize the features of the Community Day event:

  • Activate lures during the entire time of the event
  • Complete as many as possible gym raids for the increased XP feature
  • In addition to the increased XP, we also recommend activating a Lucky Egg and Star Pieces while the event features are still active