Pokemon GO Latest News & Updates: Niantic Added 23 Generation 3 Pokemon In Pokemon GO

Just a few days after the end of the first Pokemon GO Community Day, Niantic released more Generation 3 Pokemon in Pokemon GO. The announcement has been made through their official website and social media accounts.

As announced by the official website, Niantic added 23 new Pokemon from the Hoenn region and is confirmed to start appearing today in the game. Niantic didn’t list down the new Pokemon that have been added, but a picture of comes along with the notice.

In the image, we can say that the new Pokemon that will surely appear on Pokemon GO are Aron, Aggron, Cacnea, Camerupt, Flygon, Lunatone, Solrock, Trapinch, and Whismur.

With the addition of the 23 new Pokemon, the total of available Generation 3 Pokemon that you can find on Pokemon GO is 100. Back in 2017, the first five Ghost-type Pokemon have been introduced during the Pokemon GO Halloween Event, followed by the 50 Pokemon that have been added last December 2017 and the additional 20 Water-type Pokemon during the Christmas season. And just before 2017 ends, Niantic also released Groudon followed by Kyogre that has been released just a few weeks ago.

Now that 100 Generation 3 Pokemon is now in the game, there are only 35 Generation 3 Pokemon that are missing. We still don’t have any info when will Niantic going to release the remaining Generation 3 Pokemon, but we can guarantee that it will be out soon.