Pokemon GO Mythical Pokemon Celebi Worldwide Release Is Set

Niantic initially released Celebi during the Pokemon GO Fest 2018 through Research Task. Only the players who attended the event were able to catch the Mythical Pokemon and the rest of the world were left behind.

After a few months of waiting since its initial release, the developer has officially announced that the Mythical Pokemon Celebi is finally releasing globally. Yes, you read it right. And according to the announcement, it will be available from the special Research Task on August 20th.

Pokemon Celebi

However, unlike the previous Pokemon release, Niantic will be adding some twist for the release of Celebi. In order to join the special Celebi Research Task, players should have completed the Mew research task first. In case you haven’t finished the Mew task, don’t worry, they can run in parallel.

This new special Research Task is one of the ways for the developer to keep things engaging for Pokemon GO. It makes the process of catching a Pokemon worth it from something that usually takes 60 seconds less. As of writing, there are still no details about the special Research Task next month. So in the meantime, feel free to bookmark our website to see the latest Pokemon GO news and updates.