Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Pokemon Research To Unlock The Mythical Mew

One of the most iconic Pokemon is finally coming to Pokemon GO. Earlier today, Pokemon GO has shared a groundbreaking news with all the Pokemon GO fans around the world.

In an announcement, Professor Willow from Pokemon GO is looking for trainers to help him search if the mysterious occurrences are connected to the Mythical Pokemon Mew. The research tasks will be available to all trainers around the world later this week.

There are two types of research that needed to be done:

  • Field Research – This task will be completed by spinning nearby PokeStops, which will give you objectives that include discovering and catching a certain Pokemon or engaging with battles.
  • Special Research – This task will be requested directly by Professor Willow which you will receive an important task for discoveries.

Both types of research will give you a reward, useful items, and most of all encounter and have a chance to catch the Mythical Mew. There are no limitations for each task, so you can do as many researches as you want. To make the research more challenging, the tasks that will be assigned to you will have different levels of difficulties. In return for completing a task, you will receive a reward.

In addition to the reward that you will be receiving, you will also earn one Stamp per day by completing at least one Field Research task. Gather all the seven stamps and you will receive a greater reward, sometimes you may even encounter a Legendary Pokemon.


By Kaitlyn Williams

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