Pokemon Sword and Shield

How To Beat Kabu in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Kabu is the third Gym Leader available in Pokemon GO Sword and Shield. Similar to the other Gym Leaders, Kabu has his own preferred type of Pokemon. Kabi is the leader of Motostoke Gym and he is known for his love of Fire-type Pokemon.

Below is the guide on how you can defeat the Motostoke Gym Leader Kabi and the rewards that you will be getting once you beat him.

Kabu’s Pokemon Lineup

Being known as a Fire-type Pokemon user, Kabu has Ninetales (Lvl 25)Arcanine (Lvl 25), and Centiskorch (Lvl 27on his Pokemon lineup. To beat Kabu, it is recommended to use Pokemon that are Ground, Rock, Water, Flying, and Water-type Pokemon.

How to Beat Gym Leader Kabu

Kabu’s Centiskorch is a Fire/Bug-type Pokemon and the remaining two are all pure Fire-types.

To increase your chance of winning without risking too many Pokemon, we highly recommend bringing Rock or Water-type Pokemon such as Gyarados, Carkol, and Drednaw. This is not a must but we highly recommend using Pokemon with level 25 to 27.

When you face Kabu, we recommend activating Dynamax when you’re about to take out Arcanine. This will give you a huge advantage when Kabu brings out Centiskorch. In addition, make sure to use Rock-type Pokemon when facing Centiskorch Gigantamax. Apart from being a great counter, Rock Pokemon are also great when it comes to defending from Fire-type Pokemon.

Kabu’s Rewards

Once you have successfully defeated Kabu, you will be receiving Motostoke Gym Badge, TM38: Will-O-Wisp move, Fire-type uniform, 4,320 money, and the ability to catch up to level 35 Pokemon in the wild.