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How To Beat Nessa in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Nessa is the second Gym Leader available in Pokemon Sword and Shield. She is known for her skills on her Water-type Pokemon. Nessa is the Hulbury Gym Leader located at Hulbury. If you’re looking for a guide on how to defeat Gym Leader Nessa, you’re in the right place.

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Gym Leader Nessa

Nessa’s Pokemon Lineup

As a leader of Hulbury Gym, Nessa is using Water-type Pokemon. Well, not all of them is a pure Water-type, but all of the Pokemon she is using is a Water-type related Pokemon. Nessa is currently using Goldeen (Lvl 22)Arrokuda (Lvl 23), and Drednaw (Lvl 24). Since these are Water-type Pokemon, it is weak against Grass and Electric-type.

How to Beat Gym Leader Nessa

Before you fight Nessa in Hulbury Gym, it is recommended to have a level 20-24 Pokemon that are a Grass or Electric-type. Nessa’s highest level Pokemon is Drednaw which is at level 24.

Before you face Nessa, first you need to defeat her three students training under her. These are Julia with Typole (Lvl 21), Heather with Krabby (Lvl 20) and Corphish (Lvl 20), and Lynn with Remorald (Lvl 20) and Chewtle (Lvl 21).

Once you defeated these three trainers, proceed to the Gym Leader, Nessa. To defeat Nessa, we recommend you to save your Dynamax for Nessa’s strongest Pokemon, Dreadnaw. Use dependable Pokemon that can survive Dreadnaw Gigantamax’s attack until his Dynamax wears off such as Thwackey, Manectric, Eldegoss, and Yamper.

Nessa’s Rewards

After you defeated Nessa, you will be getting Hulbury Gym Badge, TM36: Whirlpool move, Water-type uniform, and the ability to catch up to level 30 Pokemon in the wild.

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