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Pokemon GO To Add New Spinda Form, Shiny Krabby, and Shiny Kingler Next Month

While no official announcement has been made to the public, it seems like Niantic has started to give out some exclusive information to select Pokemon GO YouTubers and share them with the public. Well, this is another way for them to hype Pokemon GO fans.

The report has been confirmed by Pokemon GO YouTuber Reversal, who claimed that Niantic gives him an important Pokemon GO update coming next month.

Spinda New Form, Shiny Krabby, and Shiny Kingler

According to Reversal, starting on October 1st, Pokemon GO will be releasing new Spinda form, Shiny Krabby, and Shiny Kingler.

This two new shiny Pokemon will be available via a new Field Research quests. According to Reversal, the quests will be easier compared to the previous quests.

In addition, the new form for Spinda will be available the same day Shiny Krabby and Shiny Kingler goes live. If you still don’t know how to find Spinda, it usually appears from the Throw 3 Curveball quests.

Apart from the YouTube video that Reversal uploaded, he also published a post on Reddit:

“Hey all!

I’ve got some exciting news to share! Niantic’s shared with me that Shiny Krabby/Kingler and the Third Spinda Quest is targeted for release during the Suicune Research Breakthrough Month!

The only sort of evidence of my credibility I’ve got is that I’m one of the partnered YouTubers with Niantic for Pokémon GO so I figured I’d relay the message here instead of just linking my video here!

If there’s anything else I’m able to share I’ll keep you guys posted!

Apart from the two new shiny Pokemon coming to the game, Shiny Beldum is also expected to make its appearance in Pokemon in October. As we all know, Beldum is the featured Pokemon for the upcoming Pokemon GO Community Day.

What do you think about this news? Do you believe Reversal’s claim that Shiny Krabby and Kingler will be available on October 1? Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments below.

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