Pokemon GO Upcoming Update Will Introduce The Single-Player Quest

Following the release of Pokemon GO version 0.91.1 for Android and 1.61.1 for iOS yesterday, data miners have finally cracked the hidden updates that will be coming to Pokemon GO. According to the data mine report, the next big update coming to the game is the single-player quest.

As reported by the Silph Road team, the new data mine result points to a new feature called “quest” in Pokemon GO. There is still no official statement from Niantic about this report but the new APK already include some of the codes that will be used for the new feature.

Digging into the new codes that have been discovered, it says that there are 2 types of quests:

  • Story quest – In our guess, Niantic will introduce some storyline from the original Pokemon game or maybe a quest that may follow the current events in Pokemon GO.
  • Challenge quest – For this quest, there may be a set of challenges that will be given to each player. Once the player completes the quest, they can receive a prize as a reward.

Aside from the quest code discovered in the latest APK, there are additional new daily challenges that have been added to the game. Here are the new daily challenges:

  • Catch a Pokémon
  • Spin a Pokéstop
  • Hatch an egg
  • Walk buddy
  • Feed Pokémon
  • Win a gym battle
  • Level up a badge
  • Complete a raid battle

Although there is still no announcement about this upcoming new feature, we are hoping to get more information in the next few days. Who knows? Niantic may include this feature if they plan to release the Pokemon GO Valentines event this year.

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