Pokemon Masters Now Available In Canada and Singapore; Pre-Registration Now Open

The newest Pokemon mobile game Pokemon Masters developed and published by DeNA is now available in Canada and Singapore for beta testing. In addition, DeNA also opened the line for pre-registration of the game in Google Play and iTunes.

Pokemon Masters has been revealed a few weeks ago and while DeNA did not announce its official release date, fans now have a chance to play the game earlier than expected.

Recently, the official Pokemon Masters Youtube Channel uploaded gameplay of the upcoming game. As seen in the video, Pokemon masters will have a 3-man team facing head-to-head in the arena. The gameplay videos also show the cooperative team play during the battle such as switching between sync pairs.

More Pokemon Masters experience awaits if you participate in the beta but if you’re outside of Singapore and Canada, you won’t be able to play it. However, there’s a method on how to play the game even it’s not available in your country. If you want to use this method, you can check this link.

Fans in Singapore and Canada can now download and play Pokemon Masters on Google Play and iTunes.

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