PUBG PS4 Release Date Leaked

Possible Release Date of PUBG For PS4 Leaked on Amazon Listing

By the time you are reading this, Sony may already have delisted the Amazon listing of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for PS4. But don’t worry, someone managed to screenshot the listing and shared us some important details.

Thanks to Wario64, a reputable online leaker, for sharing a screenshot of PUBG for PS4 Amazon listing. In his post shared on Twitter, it shows a screenshot of the product page of the game. Looking at the leaked listing, it seems like Sony Interactive Entertainment has accidentally listed PUBG on the store.

By the time he spotted and captured the page, there are still no images and other details of the game. However, it already shows the title, platform, and release date. The release date says that PUBG for PS4 will be out on December 8, 2018.

While this is a good news for PlayStation 4 fans who want to play one of the hottest battle royale game right now, we still have to wait for the official announcement from the publisher. Until then, this report will remain as a rumor.

On PS4 related news, PlayStation Classic is also coming out a few days earlier before the rumored leaked release date of PUBG. Interestingly, the community is having fun for Sony using the open-source PCSX ReAmred emulator to run the games on PlayStation Classic. As we all know, PCSX emulator is built to run pirated PS1 classic games on PC.

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