Post Scriptum

Post Scriptum Update Brings Bug Fixes and Stability (May 5th)

Developer Periscope Games and publisher Offworld Industries rolled out the newest Post Scriptum update 2.0.708.14663 focused on addressing known bugs and issues in the game.

According to the release notes, the new Post Scriptum patch version 2.0.708.14663 makes some changes in maps, UI, visuals, and effects. The maps which have been fixed and adjusted are St Mere-Eglise, Utah Beach, Heelsum, Grave, and Doorwerth.

Apart from these changes, the new update also brings some game stability and performance improvements. You can check the detailed update changelog below.

Post Scriptum Update 2.0.708.14663 Patch Notes

General Fixes

  • Fixed head 3rd person LOD settings
  • Move intro volume lowered by half
  • Lowered volume for the intro movie
  • Fixed MI_CobbleAsphaltRoadA having the wrong physmat changed from gravel to concrete
  • Fixed collision in some foliage types
  • Fixed collision on a few The Bloody Seventh and Day of Days buildings
  • Fixed Hawkins mine not damaging engines
  • Fixed several graphics exploits


  • Fixed 4th infantry floating medical patch
  • Updated 1st airborne uniform with new colour
  • Updated US 1st person sleeve/infantry backpack textures
  • Fixed Hawkins mine not disappearing in the hands of the player after placement


  • Fixed funky ribbons on magnetic mine explosions and HE against armour
  • Fixed Hellcat wheel fx by downsizing some debris textures
  • Fixed some US paratrooper physmats
  • Fixed ambient Flak light and no collision on beam restored
  • Removed shadows from point lights in flak searchlight blueprint’s
  • Updated Sherman wheel fx
  • Optimization for tracked vehicle engine damage FX
  • Optimization for tracked vehicle turret caching
  • Updated Support artillery impacts
  • Added a new projectile variant for the ambient Vierlings that do not have end explosions
  • Fixed Skytrain plane destruction effects
  • Fixed wind intensity on grass
  • Fixed physmat for material on cobble paths


St Mère-Église

  • Optimized terrain and static meshes
  • Added 2nd cap zone spawns to be enabled
  • Adjusted lifetime of forward spawn groups near the church to 150 seconds
  • Adjusted flag spawns on St Mere Invasion 01

Utah Beach

  • Optimized terrain and static meshes
  • Fixed tanks spawned by LCTs being enterable by the Wehrmacht
  • Fixed culling and materials of meshes
  • Improved some areas of interest
  • Adjusted number of LCVPs to 9
  • Fixed hedgehog glitching through the LCVP at H7 kp5
  • Fixed inside of bunker culling too early at G7 kp9


  • Fixed fence blocking bridge at M11 keypad 7
  • Fixed terrain at H8 keypad 5
  • Fixed hedge mesh at L13 keypad 8
  • Fixed Flak 36/38 emplacements from respawning ontop of wrecks on Heelsum s04 (They no longer respawn)
  • Fixed floating parachute at M8 keypad 1
  • Fixed fence posts not being passable on Heelsum at K13 keypad 7


  • Fixed floating foliage at F4 keypad 6
  • Fixed floating foliage at E6 keypad 9
  • Fixed concrete bunker cull distance to be higher on Grave at D4 keypad 6
  • Fixed fence collision at F2 keypad 8
  • Fixed gap in tunnel mesh at F7 keypad 5
  • Fixed gap in wall mesh at G7 keypad 1
  • Fixed gap in wall mesh at G8 keypad 7
  • Fixed floating building mesh at F7 keypad 3
  • Fixed fence collision at E2 keypad 5


  • Fixed fence gap in the north side of the Factory at I7 kp6
  • Fixed road gap at J5 kp2
  • Fixed bad hedge collision at K2 kp1
  • Fixed Castle Doorwerth gatehouse materials
  • Removed support radio for the germans in S04 at M6 kp8
  • Improved some areas of interest

Post Scriptum is a first-person simulation shooter video game set in the 2nd world war for Windows PC.

By Earl Stewart

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